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Sorry, Jessica Biel, You’re not hot.

Let’s be honest…
Jessica Biel is not that cute. She just isn’t. Certainly not beautiful enough for his hotness Justin Timberlake. Stop trying to sell us on her merits. Please stop giving her covers of magazines when she hasn’t had a decent project since 7th Heaven. Justin, from all of us out there, you can do better. You brought sexy back. Go get yourself a hottie.



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Let’s be honest… This haircut sucks no matter which way you cut it. Even if you donated the hair, sane white girls don’t do this Miley- there had to be a better way to evenly cut and shape that ‘do up so that you looked cute and people didn’t think you were headed for a nervous breakdown, a la Britney Spears. More importantly, you have a gorgeous guy; you owe it to him to be pretty. I’m sure he is lying to you right now and telling you it’s ok, but he really thinks it looks like crap too and is now trying to think of ways to with get out of or postpone that wedding. Thanks for keeping girls everywhere out of the salon for cuts for a good six months.

By the way ladies, should the mood ever strike you to do this, call a friend. If they are good ones, they will take the scissors away.


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